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In Memory of Charlie T

He wore long-sleeve flannel shirts most of the year with faded jeans and his hair slicked back. His skin was weathered and worn over the years with an infectious laugh. A big hearty laugh. A laugh that started in his gut and escaped with an Arnold Horshack style that made everybody around him laugh.
He tinkered and collected. We all know he collected...everything....anything...absolutely anything that anyone had they were willing to let him haul off and store away. More than one of us have gone to him needing that one thing that nobody would ever have to finish a job or solve a problem...and he would have it. And, he knew exactly where it was.

He loved going by the agri building every day. He always had something to fix, but he enjoyed being around those young people even more.
Charlie T was one of a kind. He would have given you the shirt off his back if you needed it. He loved pulling pranks and was the subject of more than one practical joke and prank himself. He took it all in stride. All the picking and goading. Charlie T just laughed it off in his good natured spirit.

Charlie T had a career as a politician and he was good at it because he knew how to love on babies and could talk to anybody. He knew Presidents, Governors, and for decades every county judge talked to Charlie before doing anything. Charlie T delivered for his constituents and there'll be more than one drawer in Calico Rock with a Charles Townsend pencil in them. And, Charlie T didn't care if you were a Republican or an Independent, but he was a Democrat.

Charles Townsend was a good friend. A loyal friend. And, he LOVED Calico Rock. And, he loved his nieces and their families and his friends.
Charlie T went to be with the Lord yesterday and none of us expected it. We weren't ready for it. He leaves an empty place in our hearts, but we guess Heaven had some stuff that God needed hauled off and He was ready for his faithful servant to come home.

We love you, Charlie T, and we will miss you...terribly. Well done, thy good and faithful servant...well done.